Don’t let your business disappear or fall to the wayside due to all the “big sharks” out there. With planning, effort and a well-developed strategy, your business can show up at the top of search engines – and stay there.

Boris Dzhingarov, TechCo


If Your Going to Launch a Website,
Might as Well Make Sure Your Target Audience Can Find YOU!

The #1 issue new startups struggle with is getting their website optimized to attract, engage and convert.

You've worked hard on your message, images, brand and now you're ready to tell the world.

Take this one last step before you hit publish on your website to ensure that you have it optimized to reach your target audience.

Keywords to Launch worksheet gives you step-by-step sections to ensure your keywords, phrases and descriptions are optimized to help your target audience find you, effortlessly. Use the worksheet for your website, social media, print, etc. These keywords help you to stay on brand, stay on message and speak directly to your audience.

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